I left Lakehills early the morning of June 6, 2017, with Slidel, LA my goal for the day.  I slabbed it down   I-10 to I-12 (I-10 detours into New Orleans) and spent an un-eventful night in Slidel.  Next morning found me northeast bound on I-59 with reservations at a motel in Cherokee, NC in my sights.  These two days would put just over 1200 miles on the odometer and set me up for a few 'easy' days on the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive. 

As I was settleing in to my motel in Cherokee, a Goldwing rolled in and parked next to my FJR.  Seems my nextdoor neighbor was just finishing up his ride on the BRP and would head home to Indiana the next moring as I left for 'the Ridges.'  We sat up and talked motors until 10:30 or so; he told me that to get on the BRP I would need to take a right out of the motel and follow Highway 19 for about 12 miles before I could get on.  I didn't think that was right as my prior planning showed the beginning of the BRP to be just a couple miles up the road from the motel.  So the next morning I disregarded my new friend's directions and picked up the start just where I expected it to be.  But the morning was not what I expected: it was dreary, foggy, misty and just downright nasty.  But it was not raining.  I tried to take photos at some of the overlooks but they did not turn out well (judge for yourself.)
But here are a few other photos from the BRP, some of which turned out OK.  These are from the first day on 'the Ridge.'
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