The Quest continues some more
The next night was supposed to be in Waynesboro but circumstances found me in Staunton, VA, instead.  This was my break between the BRP and the Skyway Drive (through Shenandoa National Park.)  Next photos are from the Skyway Drive and there are not many of them.
I finished up this day by visiting my first of the final seven states, West Virginia.  I actually knocked off two because after I left Harpers Ferry, I crossed the Potomac River into Maryland and then back again into WV for my motel.
The next few days are a blur; I spent Monday just resting up, Tuesday I rode to Walkill, NY to visit a nephew and then on to somewhere in PA for a sprint car race under the lights, then back to NJ and another day of rest.  On Thursday, my friend JB and I rode out of NJ, across the George Washington Bridge and into Connecticut.  We followed the shore until picking up I395, heading north towards Massechusets.  But before we got to MA, we turned east for about 10 miles and stopped for gas and a drink in Rhode Island.  Foster, RI, to be exact.  From there it was backtracking into CT and north again to MA and back to NY and NJ.  I have no photos of any of this, being too busy with traffic and keeping up with JB on his 'wing. 
Having completed 'the Quest', I set off on Friday morning for Oklahoma City to visit my friend Bill.  From there I would loop up to Denver, spend a day with my daughter, her grandkids and my grandkids, then down to Durango for a day with my sister.  Last two days were spent getting home via and overnight in Lubbock.  As I rolled into my driveway, my GPS registered 6,802.6 miles, driveway to driveway, nineteen days total.  A long ride, but as Johnny Cash put it, "I've been everywhere, man!"

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