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February 23, 2013, 8:15 am or thereabouts.  I was northbound on FM1283 about 5 miles north of the four-way stop at Park Road 37 when two Axis deer ran across the road from right to left.  The second one was just a little slower than the first and it was this one that I hit.  I'm not sure I even had time to hit the brakes, they were there that quick.  I'm not used to seeing deer on FM1283 in the daylight nor have I ever seen an Axis deer on 1283.  At any rate, for a split second I thought I was going to be able to save it but I couldn't control the bike and low sided on the right side.  From impact with the deer to final position, the bike traveled about 120 feet.  I initially thought I left about 40' of skidmark before the bike went down but I couldn't remember staying up post-strike.  After going back and taking another look at the 'skid mark' I think the mark was made by my Acerbis hand guard as it wore down to the metal bar beneath the plastic.  The slight 'groove' in the pavement was probably made by the bar end.  As evidenced by my right sleeve and the hand guard, that area suffered a great deal of trauma! 

So here it is, just over a month later.  The KLR is back on the road after $90 in Ebay parts to include the broken grab bar and the fairing stay.  The stay was already bent from a very early tip over in my shop so it was nice to get it replaced finally.  I was able to straighten the Givi rack enough to allow it to resume its job as a crash bar (the bags will never fit again but that is OK) as well as the radiator guard. 
From left to right, top to bottom:  Givi rack bent and twisted; rack from the right side; overview of right side; right hand guard (wow! saved my hand big time!); left grab bar and rack; close up with serious bend in the rack visible; where rack got the tail light; right front where radiator guard bend back but saved the reservoir; close up of same; skid mark from POI to POR; right sleeve of 'Stich'.

And now for "rest of the story" (appolgies to Paul Harvey):  On Friday, April 12th, I was headed for Junction, Texas on the revived KLR when I had a blowout of the front tire.  This occurred about 2 miles from the deer strike on the same highway and resulted in a lowside at about 35 mph, same side.  I did a little more damage to myself (bigger bruises and a hyper-extended left thumb) but I didn't think it hurt the KLR much if any.  Then I realized this past weekend that the slightly tweaked rear sub-frame from the deer incident is now much worse.  I sourced a sub-frame on ebay for $23.00 and the KLR will live to see another ride!  One other factoid:  I was wearing my old blue 'stich' and put a few new holes in the left sleeve.  I was wearing jeans though and didn't even get them dirty!  Odd how things work out (I credit the Holy Spirit for my luck.)
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Deer 1, KLR 0
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