Trash Can Turkey
Just before Thanksgiving 2011, I heard about Trash Can Turkey Cooking for the first time.  The guy who told me said he didn't believe it either until he witnessed it with his own eyes and saw the result.  It sounded like fun, and with not much better to do, I decided to research it on the web (where else?)  Needless to say, I found more than I wanted to know but bottom line was, "It works!"  And it is supposed to turn out a terrific turkey, moist and tender.  The stuff you need is simple:  turkey of your choice (I chose a 12 lb Butterball,) 2x2 steek about 2 ft long (more about length later,) a 20 gallon (on the web they use from 10 gallon to 30 gallon, 20 seems right) trash can, perferably new, and about 15# of charcoal.  Sounds simple enough so I set out to gather the equipment and the turkey.  Turkey was easy; steek was located in my scrap wood pile.  Twenty gallon trash cans though, another story.  There were none at True Value, Lowes or Home Depot.  And before you ask, no, plastic won t work!  However, at Home Depot I found a 32 gallon that was damaged.  I got them down to $15 and just cut off the top 6" or so where it was dented.  It worked fine as you will see but I would recommend finding a 20 gallon somewhere, maybe a restaurant supply house.  And the length of the steek depends on three things:  size of the bird, depth of the trash can and soil depth.  I found that 20 gallon and 32 gallon cans are the same heigth, but different diameter.  Cutting off the top 6" resulted in a can that was 21" tall.  The goal is to center the turkey in the can so I had to cut the steek shorter.  As you will see, the birds legs just did touch the foil.  A bigger bird might have been a problem with the short can.  Also, it is recommended that a fire be built in the trash can to burn off the galvanizing before using it to bake the turkey.  So any how, sit back and enjoy the slide show!

Oh, how did it turn out?  Well the last picture should tell the story but just in case you still wonder, it was one of the best turkeys I have ever tasted!
turkey in a can slide show