Motorcycle Trips
In March of 2002, Chuck H. and I took a trip into Mexico's Copper Canyon.  This is looking down on the road into the bottom from about 1/2 way down.  He rode his BMW GS100PD and I took the '98 KLR650.  Guess which one was better suited for the trip?
In 2001, several of my Colorado 500 Team Awful friends and I took a one week guided tour of Costa Rica.  I could live there easily!  It is gorgeous, the people are very friendly and the life style is easy going.  Paul "Chip" Furlong was our guide.

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As of June 15th, 2017, I've ridden all 49 'continental' states, finishing with CT, RI and MA on the 15th.  I completed WV, DE, MD and NJ on June 11th.  No, DC is not a state and I didn't ride there!