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In 2005, I painted my '98 KLR650 Kawasaki Green, added the graphics "KLXS" and an aftermarket headlight/number plate and rear fender, then rode it to Colorado for the 2005 Colorado 500.  During tech inspection, the remark was made that my knobbies were 'marginal'.  I told him they were fine when I left San Antonio!
2005 Colorado 500
I picked up my first dirt road about 15 miles from my house and continued to search for dirt roads until I hit pavement near Rudi Reservoir above the Colorado 500 Headquarters.  I rode across the Panhandle of Texas and into New Mexico on dirt, across the foothills of the eastern Sangre De Cristo mountains in Colorado on County Road 572, Marshall Pass into Gunnison County, Cottonwood Pass into Buena Vista and Hagerman Pass to Wally's ranch on the Frying Pan of the Arkansas River.  I didn't keep track of how many miles of the trip were on dirt but I'd guess about 20%..
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