For me, motorcycles are far more than a hobby.  I commute between 25 and 35 miles round trip every day, riding in all sorts of weather and try to take one BIG trip each year in addition to a trip to Colorado.  The only time I park a bike is a combination of wet and cold that might result in ice. A few years back I wrote an aricle for a national motorcycle magazine, Rider, about one of Texas' most famous motorcycle rides, the Three Sisters.  It was published in the July 2013 issue.  (I found out recently that the creature in the article is a Red Eared Slider turtle and not a tortoise.)   I recently completed a ride that I though would make a good Favorite Ride article for Rider Magazine so I quieried the editor.  He thought it didn't have enough "staged senic photos of bikes."  So I'm writing my own story with my photos and you be the judge..
Hunting deer with a KLR 650
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Eating the Elephant (or how to do a 9,000 mile plus ride to Alaska)

2015 Museum Tour